DJ 7L is primarily known as one half of the DJ/production duo 7L & Esoteric, who hail from the Boston, Massachusetts hip-hop scene. They have been active since the mid-1990s and are renowned for their intricate lyricism (from Esoteric) and eclectic, sample-heavy production (from 7L).

In addition to his work with Esoteric, DJ 7L has also done a considerable amount of solo production work and has DJ'd for various events.

One of the notable projects involving 7L is Czarface, a collaboration between 7L, Esoteric, and Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck. Czarface has garnered attention for its comic book-themed artwork, narratives, and nostalgic yet innovative sound.

Tokyo Album Cover
This is a design for the album cover of 7L’s DJ set “One Ticket to Tokyo.”

Mix Cloud Banner
Abstract banner for 7L’s Mixcloud banner. It is based on the ideas of making fun of the cliche. 7L has a huge sense of humor and loves to use that in his decision making process. So, instead of a candid shot of a DJ which is still a really cool way to show off being a DJ, 7L wanted to have something different. So, this banner is a way to step away from the normal candid DJ banner shot. The banner actually is from record players, but are abstracted to a point where someone might not recognize that they are vinyl records. Which offers the viewer a way to be subliminally invited to the realm of 7L’s discography without being bombarded by a close-up of a candid DJ set photo.

For the art geeks: I was also really inspired by Hans Hofmann at the time. So, I wanted to really give it a crosshatch look. It is a small element from Hofmann and one might not consider that a characteristic of the man. Something as small as his signature on a painting is what I was so influenced by though and that is something I thought that was overlooked. Much like the importance of a well made art piece for someone’s banner.

Peep it for yourself and listen to 7L’s music! mixcloud

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