During my senior year of pursuing my BFA in Graphic Design, I had the absolutely amazing opportunity to work with DJ 7L and his record store, Soundtracks. During my time at Soundtracks, I learned more than I could imagine. 7L taught me a lot about music and his craft. The work I did for him was nothing less of exciting. 7L has to be the most humble person I have ever met, and it shows you that sometimes meeting the people you look up to isn’t always bad. In this work I captured the essence of Soundtracks.

House Shop Tee
This is a shop tee that was made around Halloween time. However, that is more of a coincidence than anything else. Soundtracks just really wanted a shirt based around this movie because of its amazing sound track!

TV Shop Tee
This is a design for a shop tee and tote bag at 7L’s record store “Soundtracks.” As well as some other concept designs.
Alien Day 2023
Alien day is a Sci-Fi event that Soundtracks takes very seriously. For this event I made shop tees based off old Alien-themed designs and as well as social media posts.

Here is a quote that describes Alien day in depth

“Alien day is an awesome day to recognize and appreciate the fantastic world of the Alien(s) franchise. Beginning with the first film released in 1979 and spanning more than 40 years since, Alien (including the many films, books and games) has been an intense, unique and fascinating look into the question of whether other life exists in the universe.”